Massage is essential to living well

Bull City MAssage Therapy Benefits and Rewards

Rewards for Regular Clients

Balance Benefits 

Making massage a regular part of your health routine can be challenging.  Balance Benefits rewards those who have integrated massage therapy into their wellness plan and make it more affordable to continue receiving massage therapy.  Purchase any three sessions in advance and receive $5 off each 30 or 45 minute session or $10 off each 60 or 90 minute session.  Most HSA and FSA (Health Savings and Flex Savings Accounts) now accept massage therapy when performed by a licensed/certified therapist.  Please check your HSA website or call the number on your HSA card to confirm.  

Rewards Card

The Rewards Card was also developed to reward regular clients who choose to make massage a priority for their health and wellbeing.  After 4 visits, you save $20 on a 5th visit and then continue to save $20 on every 5th visit in the future.  (Balance Benefits and Rewards Cards may not be combined.)

Other Benefits

~Referrals are greatly appreciated.  Tell someone about your experience with us and when they come in for their first appointment, you receive a $15 Referral Reward in the mail.

~Happy Birthday Coupons.  Provide us with your email and birthdate on your intake form and you will automatically receive a $20 Birthday Coupon a few weeks before your big day!

Did You Know.......

your  massage therapist spends at least 30 additional minutes on you at every appointment? It is essential to properly prepare for your individual session and ensure you receive the treatment you deserve.  By creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, pre-warming the table, taking the  time to discuss how we can best help you and then properly cleaning and sanitizing the room, we  set the stage to deliver an exceptional healing session for each client.

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